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This 4th indaba of the cms will focus on the market inquiry, trustee remuneration, ethics and a code of conduct, as well as treating customers fairly. The national credit regulator ncr has taken steps to deal. Ethics cut across all sectors in the medical scheme environment and is critically important for cms to fulfil its mandate in protecting members of medical schemes. Treat customers fairly charter for private wealth management industry. Treating customers fairly guide to management information fca. Financial consumer protection principles and implementation oecd. As the result of a merger, a small firm has inherited a remuneration structure that.

This means we keep the customer at the heart of all we do all staff are aware of tcf and what it means to our business. Colleagues complete an online interactive learning package on joining the. Treating customers fairly outstanding customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Treating customers fairly tcf is high on the fcas agenda so embedding tcf into the customers digital journey is fundamental. Treating customers faily tcf what tcf means to our business tcf outcome 1 confident consumers this means. Principle 1 a firm must conduct its business with integrity principle 2 a firm must conduct its business with due skill, care and diligence. This framework governs the way an fsp business conducts daily dealings with its clients ensuring that all clients are treated fairly, during all stages of the product lifecycle and advice process.

Behave and carry out actions in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate, and professional way. In essence, that mean s bei ng open, honest, t ransparent, responsible and professional i. Treating customers fairly international organisation of pension. Treating customers fairly tcf is an outcomes based regulatory and supervisory approach designed to ensure that regulated financial institutions deliver specific, clearly set out fairness outcomes for financial customers. The financial services authority fsa came into being as a result of the merger. The financial services board fsb has a mandate from government to protect consumers of financial services that fall under their jurisdiction. Treating customers fairly tcf is an outcomes based regulatory and supervisory approach designed to ensure that specific, clearly articulated fairness outcomes for financial services consumers are delivered by regulated financial firms. Financial services board fsb is implementing its treating customers fairly tcf approach to supervision, and more recently have made public proposals to deal with abuses in consumer credit insurance cci and retail distribution. Regulated entities are expected to demonstrate that they deliver the following six tcf outcomes. Treating customers fairly at xln ener gy, wer e commi t t ed t o treating cust omer s f air ly. Treating customers fairly tcf is an outcomes based regulatory and supervisory approach designed to ensure that specific.

It is only through establishing the right culture that senior management can convert their good intentions into actual fair outcomes for consumers. We treat you the way we like to be treated ourselves. Keith stanton, professor of law the jurisprudence of financial. Treating customers fairly tcf best practices guideline. Treating customers fairly towards fair outcomes for. Treating customers fairly is one of the goals of our strategy to help us achieve our.

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