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Guatemala backpacking itinerary for 2 weeks journey. If coming from belize or east mexico you will start in flores anywhere else start in guatemala city and head straight to. Day 2 mexico city enjoy a walking tour of the city centre, taking in the art palace, diego riveras murals at the national palace. Mexico is a relatively cheap destination to visit, compared with the usa, canada and europe. Our mexico travel itinerary is convenient in that it starts in cancun and ends in mexico city, which are home to the two busiest airports in the country and the ones with by far the greatest options in terms of international flights. I am planning on going to mexico and would love input on the trip. Our original perception of mexico was that it would be like a gateway to central and south america. I have chosen some of the best places to visit in cuba to enjoy and to get a real feel for the country, away from the resorts and closer to normal cuban life. Looking back, i would ideally like to have one full week in oaxaca city and the surrounding area, 45 days in the mountains, and 2 weeks along the coastline. It sounds cliche, but as i sat on the long, white stretch of beach a jutting black cliff at one end, and locals setting up camp on the other while sipping on a canned margarita from the oxxo convenience store id just hit up, i couldnt help but think to myselfthis is the life. It included 1, 2, 3 and 4 week itinerarys for mexico. When backpacking through mexico, you will have lots of transportation to choose from. Our 2 weeks in mexico itinerary explores underrated mexico city, ancient.

Day 1 mexico city meet your private transfer driver at the airport then head to your accommodation. Guanajuato also boasts some excellent cantinas, and the central plaza is alive with street vendors and performers at night. Here is a quick overview of how to spend 4 weeks backpacking mexico. The best cuba itinerary for 2 weeks in cuba tales of a. From the beaches of tulum to the otherworldly cenotes of valladolid, i spent 3 weeks backpacking around mexico and distilled everything down into this perfect 2 week itinerary.

So before you go, you should decide what you want to do and see in mexico. This 2 week mexico itinerary focuses solely on the yucatan peninsula, visiting cozumel, valladolid, tulum, and bacalar although many mexico itineraries suggest visiting multiple different regions in mexico, while i was planning my trip i found that there was so much to do in just the yucatan peninsula that i didnt want to leave it. Two week mexico itinerary getting to and from the yucatan. The yucatan and chiapas, mexico with a whole month at your disposal, you can follow the 2 week backpacking mexio route above, and then tack on a few more spots. I recently spent 2 weeks backpacking in the yucatan peninsula and loved it. Its also a perfect size for anyone looking for a unique twoweek backpacking adventure. Backpacking mexico 4 week mexico itinerary jonny melon. If dusty towns of crumbling mudbrick houses and vast expanses of desert are what come to mind when you think of mexico, then its time to get some fresh perspective. On day nine, head to mexico citys terminal central del norte and take a coach to guanajuato, one of the countrys most beautiful colonial towns. We spent two weeks in california and vancouver on the way, but we got to visit family on those stops. Getting around in each individual city on your 2 week europe itinerary is a question better suited to blog posts on that particular city, so this section is designed to address getting in between each destination during your 14 days in europe. This meant that we had a lot more luxury than a backpacker usually does.

Have travelled independently in asia, australianz and europe, never been to the americas including mexico. Thats why ive created this perfect 2 week mexico itinerary for first timers. Backpacking mexico and have no idea where to start. Return to mexico city easily and take your flight to oaxaca. Heres a 2 week mexico itinerary to help you decide the best places to go. The perfect 3week itinerary backpacking around mexico and want to see more than hotel resorts. Since we moved to mexico last year, luke and i have been drawn back to the yucatan again and again. One and only guide to backpacking mexico only once today. Ive put together this 4 week mexico itinerary for backpackers who want to see more of the country than just cancun and playa del carmen itll take you from colonial city to pacific coast beaches and mountain towns, so that you can. If you have only 2 weeks, you could adapt the route.

Mexico city is extremely charming and will quite possibly become one of your favourite cities in the whole world. I wouldnt recommend spending any less than 4 days exploring the mexican capital, especially if youre arriving on a long haul flight. The best place to start off your 2 week backpacking mexico itinerary is mexico city. Aztec and maya ruins poking through towering trees and twisting vines recall an ancient empire. Never have been backpacking in this area, but i saw people staying in hostels who booked their accomodation online from day to day. To see all the highlights in just a fortnight follow my 2 week backpacking mexico itinerary.

Two weeks is a great amount of time to explore the region. The cheapest flights into central america usually fly into cancun, mexico. This 4 week mexico itinerary is based around my own experience with a mixture of cities, beaches, waterfalls, cenotes and islands which i visited and that im sure you will enjoy too. Travelers may choose between staying onthego or focusing on one area to explore. The longest journey of this jamaica backpacking route awaits to get from ocho rios to negril but its a scenic coastal trip. Sure, cabo san lucas, cancun, puerto vallarta and mazatlan are popular with people on a one week holiday, and yes, there are some very dangerous areas. We started off our two weeks in vietnam in hanoi, where we flew in to from new york.

If you choose the 2week route, you run the slight risk of overdosing on ruins by seeing too many in. I would know, i recently spent three short but jampacked weeks here. Weve put together the perfect 2weeks itinerary aiming to. Costa rica is a country in central america boasting with incredibly diverse flora, landscape, and wildlife, so no wonder it is one of the most visited and heavily traveled countries on the continent. Read our ultimate three weeks mexico itinerary, which will take you from mexico city to the yucatan peninsula via an endless number of colonial cities, mayan ruins and beautiful scenery to the worlds famous beaches. You could cover it quickly in 2 weeks or more slowly in a month. Do you think this itinerary is realistic for 2 weeks. If you decide to go puerto escondido, you ll do a long bus ride, so stay more than 2 days in the region. Spanish mexico was fuelled by silver, leaving a rich architectural and cultural legacy in the heart of the country. The perfect 2 week mexico itinerary for firsttimers addie abroad. Home thorn tree country forums mexico 2 weeks in yucatan itinerary. The yucatan and chiapas, mexico with a whole month at your disposal, you can follow the 2week backpacking mexio route above, and then tack on a few more spots.

The ultimate 2 weeks in mexico itinerary for first time visitors our. The ultimate 2 weeks in mexico itinerary for first time. Top north america itineraries 1 week, 2 weeks and more. The ultimate backpacking mexico itinerary 1234 week. Want to spend 2 weeks in mexico and stay safe while also seeing more than beaches.

Fortunately, the two cities sit just an hour and a half apart by bus, making them easy to pair together during your 2 weeks in mexico. For me it was visiting the ruins of the mayan cities, swimming in a natural sinkhole and snorkeling. Take a stroll through the citys cobbled streets and picturesque center. Traveling mexico is a huge task when you only have limited time. Mexico itinerary tourist routes in mexico rough guides. Mexico is a huge and offers a wide variety of things to do and see overall in the country. Youll not only be able to hit the highlights in the north, but youll also be able to spend time getting to know such places as chaco national cultural park, white sands national monument, and carlsbad caverns national park. I think its best to have at least 2 weeks to explore the key locations here, but more is always. We hope to spend about 2 days in the copper canyon with some time in creel. Its the perfect place for a relaxing end to your time in. Start by loading up on jewellery at mexico s silver capital, just south of mexico city, a confection of cobbled alleys and colonial, whitewashed homes.

Mexico city is one of our favorite cities in the world and the perfect start to a 2 week mexico itinerary. Backpacking jamaica 2019 a 2 week travel itinerary. Are you ready to spend an amazing 2 weeks in mexico and discover all the highlights while backpacking yucatan and chiapas this mexico itinerary takes you through the best places to visit in this area of mexico our first ever backpacking trip together started in cancun and we traveled back to mexico several times now. Mexico city 3 days oaxaca 2 days puerto escondido 3 days. Im planning a 2 week trip to mexico for myself and my bf both late 20s. One of the problems with travel in mexico is that domestic flights. However, ive designed a mexico travel guide that allows you to fit in as much as possible. Our problem is the travel in between the regions mexico city chihuaha copper canyon cancun. The ultimate 2 weeks in mexico itinerary for first time visitors. But, equally, you could spend 2 weeks there, get to know one specific area and have a really fulfilling trip. Whether youre looking for a mexico backpacking route or a. Mexico has somehow gained a reputation for only catering to allinclusive resort goers, or for being too dangerous for independent travel. Little did i know, mexico is a fun, backpackerfriendly destination that really has so much to offer including some of the best food in the world in my opinion. Mexico itinerary two weeks mexico lonely planet forum.

Negril is located on the very western tip of the island and is popular for its 11 km long white sandy beach and laid back vibes. In this ultimate mexico itinerary i have created a full backpacking mexico rout for you to take. Two week mexico itinerary for the yucatan eternal expat. Morocco is the land of camels, souks, adventure and bedouins. Its a great option if you want to do some independent travel but need to schedule it in with.

In two weeks in new mexico if youve got 2 weeks to spend exploring the region, consider yourself fortunate. Itinerary for 2 week vacation in mexico bacalar 3 days. Stay 2 days in puerto, and 2 days in a beach village near puerto like mazunte or zipolite. Focus on mexico city and oaxaca city more culture and cuisine. Whether youre looking for a mexico backpacking route or a more typical mexico trip. Mexico is a proud mix of mesoamerican heritage and spanish colonialism. After my crazy 3 month backpacking journey across central america i arrived to mexico pretty exhausted, so my body and my soul needed some special treatment. The best cuba itinerary for 2 weeks in cuba two weeks in cuba is a great length of time to explore the cities, beaches and beautiful nature of cuba, without rushing around. From green lands to islands to city life, two weeks is a perfect amount of time to travel belize to get a taste of what life there is really like. Mexico is an easy to travel country and there is a lot of natural beauty and typical old colonial towns you just have to visit instead of offering you a prechewed mexico itinerary, well give you a nice view of the most important places to include in your mexico itinerary and well explain how easy it is to go backpacking in mexico. We consider mexico the start of our backpacking on this trip. We then want to go to cancun airport, and from there explore the riveria and hit the beaches in the last week. Take at least two weeks to travel this route between mexico city and monterrey. Whether youre looking for a mexico backpacking route or.

This 2 week backpacking mexico itinerary is a guest post by kristen. Our 2 weeks in mexico itinerary explores underrated mexico city, ancient ruins lurking in deep jungle, hidden waterfalls, cenotes and some of the best beaches in the world. Backpacking mexico offers a variety of methods for getting around. Oaxaca 1 week itinerary option 1 oaxaca city and the surrounding villages. The beaches are absolutely amazing, the culture, the history, and the food are all unlike anything ive ever experienced. Posted on published april 11, 2019 july 23, 2018 7 min read.

You can click here to see the full heart of mexico itinerary. Backpacking guatemala 2 weeks my 2 week itinary for. I had two weeks to backpack to some of the best places to visit in guatemala. Located on the west coast of africa and a cheap flight away from the uk, its one of the best countries to visit for a budget backpacker trip. The perfect 2 week mexico itinerary for firsttimers. Where to go in mexico when you only have three weeks. This example itinerary focuses on the western provinces of alberta and british columbia. Its possible to create a fairly compact itinerary, making this a good area to hit up if you dont exactly have unlimited time. All of these regions are near to mexico city, so your route can begin and end in the capital, creating a circle. The ultimate 2 weeks in mexico itinerary for first time visitors mexico city. A two week mexico itinerary november 1, 2017 mexico had long been high on my bucket list, and so when we decided to visit this summer, i couldnt have been more excited for our travels, the journey and to see a country i.

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