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The program, with abstracts, is also published online by agu. Geophysical information for teachers gift workshop. Agu and its members are committed to relevant and timely scientific research. Ed53a3464 using the citizen science picture post project. Redefining standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index. May 07, 2014 the plainspoken scientist is the science communication blog of agus sharing science program. Sections play a role in identifying emerging issues.

Gender inequity in speaking opportunities at the american. Teachers are welcome to register for the meeting and choose the gift workshop listed as an event for k12 educators in the registration system. Nov 14, 2017 i have been a member of the american geophysical union agu for 45 years. My most prominent field projects were the first scientific drilling expeditions to be primarily focused on subseafloor life. Jorn helbert personal details agu election information. Esteemed agu member calls out agu on criminal science. After last years centennial celebration, we return to the moscone center in san francisco to look towards agu s next 100 years of advancing the future of science. An agu talk in the form of a coproduction experiment exploring recent science agu invited talk, session id 27225 december 2017 page 4 of 6 principles were discussed, both related to the issues in play and the groups goals in addressing them. Sections are responsible for fostering scientific discussion and collaboration among affiliated members.

These individuals are to be commended for consistently providing constructive and. Astrobiology related sessions at agu news astrobiology. Professor grottoli receives agus voyager award school. Government, nasa, or any of its employees or contractors acting on its behalf. Summary of workshops and science meetings relating to nasas salinity missions with. Ed53a3464 using the citizen science picture post project as. The seg agu advances in distributed sensing for geophysics workshop will be in june in houston, texas.

Volume 95 number 34 26 august 2014 n g 307 m r e 307 m s g 307 a agu a s s a 308 r s b m 312 2014 agu elections. Ocean drilling program leg 201 which i coled with bo barker jorgensen in 2002 and integrated ocean drilling program expedition 329 coled with fumio inagaki in 2010. New indian ocean program builds on a scientific legacy. Agu channels allow you to discover the latest headlines, papers, abstracts, and more across agu and beyond. I learned about a program i was not aware of prior to the meeting, and i thought others would be interested in their public face of science initiative. Held at the ocean sciences meeting in february 2014, the ocean salinity and. View the 2018 online scientific program to see all sessions and abstracts accepted for the 2018 triennial earthsun summit meeting scientific program hours. The american geophysical union agu is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of earth, atmospheric, ocean, hydrologic, space, and planetary scientists, consisting of over 62,000 members from 144 countries.

Presentations address ways to bring research experiences into the classroom, program recruitment, training. Established in 2016, the ocean sciences voyager award is given to midcareer scientist 10 to 20. Feedback actions future plans challenges join us the ucs science network is intended for experts with or working towards and advanced degree. They provide members with opportunities to engage with agu and other scientists in their research area. Middle and high school students participating in afterschool and summer research experiences in the earth and space sciences are invited to participate in the agu bright students training as research scientists bright stars program. Ocean sciences meeting 2014 in honolulu, hawaii plenary. Moscone south share your experiences and learn from others about outcomes from successful initiatives that provide research experiences for educators. For example, until he died in 1995, the worlds foremost expert on fossil eggs, karl hirsch, only had a high school. Kaufman award, american geophysical union, 2019 member of the stratospheretroposphere processes and their role in climate sparc scientific steering group sparc is a core project of the world climate research program wcrp, term began in january 2019. Women submitted 32% of all abstracts n 20,900 and are concentrated in the student and early career stages 77% of women vs. After last years centennial celebration, we return to the moscone center in san francisco to look towards agus next 100 years of advancing the future of science. Geophysical information for teachers gift workshop education. During that time i have published fundamental scientific advances in worldclass science journals 2.

Since 20, agu, an international scientific association with 60,000 members. The biennial ocean sciences meeting, cosponsored by aslo, tos, and agu, will be held in honolulu, hawaii on february 2328, 2014. Sharing science is an agu science communication and outreach program that offers resources, workshops, handson support and opportunities to help scientists communicate more effectively with diverse audiences about earth and space science and its importance and impact on society. Olaf college arthur fardal endowed scholarship 20092012 st. Pdf gurung et al 2014 agu fall meeting researchgate. Education education and public outreach play a significant role in agus mission. Rethinking poster presentations at largeascale scientific meetings. You can follow one of ours or create your own around a topic that interests you. The public face of science is dedicated to exploring the complex and evolving relationship between scientists and the public. Through education and careerfocused events at agu meetings, professional development workshops, awards for science educators, and printed and electronic resources, agu offers an array of opportunities that expose students, teachers, professionals, and lifelong learners to the freshest, most accurate.

This threeyear project engages the expertise of a broad range of. Developed virtual program 100 sessions2000archived on youtubechannelrequire. Cold water and high ice cover realtime oceanographic data. The meeting will bring together researchers from the american geophysical union, the association for the sciences of limnology and oceanography, and the oceanography society. Ida4d and empire have been used to carry out a number of scientific investigations. The case of the union of concerned scientists science network. Agus activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of scientific information in the interdisciplinary and international fields within the earth and space sciences. Scientific applications of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is this need that sparked the development of the science network. I want to clarify agus position on the scientific consensus on climate change and the need for openness and transparency in science is firm. Mchugh and others published gurung et al 2014 agu fall meeting find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. The scientific results are presented, and the future plans for a new integrated data assimilation algorithm are also discussed. In 2011 the agu established its task force on scientific ethics and integrity and invited input from its members. Apr 24, 2018 gender demographics of the agu fall meeting.

Institute for planetary research, dlr 20042005 scientific researcher, institute for planetary research, dlr 20022004 scientific researcher, department for optical information systems, dlr. Nonstatlonary precipitation intensitydurationfrequency curves for infrastructure design in a changing climate 2014 scientific reports, 4, art. Crafting your own visuals for science communication. Cold water and high ice cover on great lakes in spring 2014 very cold temperatures across much of north america caused by the recent anom.

Agus activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of scientific information in the interdisciplinary and international fields. The public face of science initiative geoed trek agu. The american geophysical union agu is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of earth. Please note that credentials will need to be provided at the time of registration pdf. Media kit 2014 fall field support to science projects 2014 fall.

Our policy takes a strong stance against harassment, discrimination, and bullying by including them in the definition of research misconduct. In 2014, the bright stars program brought middle and high school. Dec 07, 2015 the 2015 agu fall meeting is just around the corner and we at agu are making final preparations for what promises to be another remarkable convening of the earth and space sciences. This year, the meeting runs from monday through friday, 9 december, at the. Policy implications of climate models on the verge of. Grottoli, professor in the school of earth sciences, has been recognized with the voyager award from the american geophysical union s ocean sciences section in recognition for her contributions to, and understanding of, coral bleaching, biogeochemistry, and skeletal chemistry. The conveners primary responsibility is managing the scientific program. The ucs mission calls for scientific experts to weigh in on issues, from climate change to scientific integrity in our government. Resources can be added to this list from almost any where and could be a.

Agus developer contest unlocks scientific research eos. Through our initiatives, such as mentoring, professional development and awards, agu members uphold and foster an inclusive and diverse scientific community. Keep up to date with changes by downloading the meeting addendum pdf. In 2014, agu developed the sharing science program to provide scientists with the skills and. In addition to the robust scientific program that is the heart of the meeting, im excited about the diversity of activities we are presenting this year from skillsbuilding workshops to networking and. Because of increasing evidence of multiple human impacts on the oceans, this is a critical time for the largest international assembly of ocean scientists to share their results on research, application of research, and education.

An exciting program enabled students to present their poster papers in an electronic format along with a videotaped explanation of their work. Agu sections cover a wide range of disciplines within the earth and space sciences. Agu meetings foster learning and collaboration, and promote topics that enhance perspectives across earth and space science. The ocean sciences meeting osm is an important venue for scientific. The implications for climate sensitivity of ar5 a quantitative test of climate model performance can be made by comparing the. Changes to the program will automatically appear in the meeting agenda and meeting app.

Yun 2010, insar time series analysis of slow slip events on the guerrero subduction zone, mexico, wegener, istanbul, turkey. Morial convention center in new orleans, louisiana. Washington, dc discover the latest in ocean science at the 2016 ocean sciences meeting, taking place from 2126 february at the ernest n. The plainspoken scientist is the science communication blog of agus sharing science program. Nov 21, 2017 the api, which was developed by agu, provided access to data including abstracts, presenter information, and scheduling information from the 2014 to 2016 fall meetings as well as to available data.

The ballot for the 2014 agu election is divided into three parts. For the agu fall meeting 2014 to 2016 abstract database here after referred to. Geophysical information for teachers gift workshops allow science teachers to hear about the latest geoscience research from the scientists making the discoveries, explore new classroom resources for their students, and visit exhibits and technical sessions of the agu meeting for free. Pdf of articles can be downloaded from the internet. In february 2014, aslo, tos, and agu will convene the biennial ocean sciences meeting in honolulu, hawaii. Open science across agu and in scientific societies. Field support to antarctic projects 2014 fall education and public outreach 2014 fall 2014 technical advisory board meeting. Scientists from around the world will converge on this beautiful city to exchange knowledge and discuss issues covering the broad spectrum of marine science disciplines, including physical, biological, chemical and geological oceanography, technology and. To qualify for agu membership rates you must have joined agu or renewed your. Any reference in this website to any person, or organization, or activities, products, or services related to such person or organization, or any linkages from this web site to the web site of another party, do not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of the u. Ocean sciences meeting 2014 in honolulu, hawaii sg. Agu embodied this pillar of its strategic plan for the talent pool. The submarine arctic science program, scicex, is a federal interagency collaboration among the operational navy, research agencies, and the marine rese arch community to use nuclearpowered submarines for scientific studies of the arctic ocean.

Scientific investigations using ida4d and empire bust. The bright stars program provides a dedicated forum for 100 students to present their own research results to the scientific. Esteemed agu member calls out agu on criminal science psi. Any agu member, even student members, can nominate someone to be a fellow or awardee. Tbd registration for the agu fall meeting will open in september. Prior to the international geophysical year 19571958 and before the acceptance of ideas about continental drift and the emergence of the theory of plate tectonics, the indian ocean was viewed as o. Agu will maintain an abstract management system to collect abstracts and will support abstract submitters, the conveners, and the program committee. Arab board program in general surgery, salmaniya medical complex, bahrain college of medicine and health sciences, sultan qaboos university, omanmd2010 powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. Specify the type of search to see results that contain any or all of the words you enter. With this blog, we wish to encourage scientists to reach out to nonscientists and to do so with plainspoken discussion.

Bekaert 2010, radar interferometry for measuring regional. The 2020 joint meeting in chiba, japan, will focus on the theme. Scientific drilling in the polar regions agu 2014 town hall meeting. The osm originated in 1982 as a joint effort between agu and aslo, tos. Please join us at the upcoming agu fall meeting 2019 for our session the.

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