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These expansion tanks are made of carbon steel and mig welding that eliminates any sharp cutting edges inside the tank. Usa roller chain and sprockets usarc is a direct authorized distributor for the globally renowned zilmet brand of tanks. General features zilmet hydroplus pressure tanks advantages zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphrgm well tanks. The tanks use a patented zilan high temperature membrane that can withstand temperatures up to 212f. Details about zilmet inox stainless steel pressure expansion tanks all models and. The vessels are tested according to the pressure equipment directive. Intended for use in commercial and industrial domestic potable hot water applications, these tanks accept the expanded. Over 2 million square feet of production space produces over 5 million tanks and 1 million heat exchangers annually. Zilmet expansion tanks are wras approved to drinking water standards.

Advantages zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphragm well tanks over 2 million square feet of production space has produced over 7. Shop by expansion vessels potable water manufacturer zilmet. Zep1 stainless steel expansion tank zep1 was designed to provide maximum protection to the heat exchanger and the piping system on tankless water heaters, relieving problems associated with excess pressure by absorbing any potential increase in pressure within the unit or piping system. The international leader in the production of top quality pressure tanks, expansion vessels and plate heat exchangers. Installation, operating, maintenance and safety instructions. At automatic heating you can find these high quality tanks at. Zilmet 300 lv vertical ultrapro expansion tank pressure vessels designed to provide a storage facility and pressure reservoir for water at temperatures up to. The zilmet brand goes handinhand with manufacturing high quality well tanks. Zilmet 300 lv vertical expansion tanks pumps uk ltd. Pressure tank creates water pressure in the domestic water system by using compressed air in the pressure tank. We strive to give you the best, because this is what you deserve. The instruction manuals provide instructions for the installation, the servicing and the maintenance of expansion vessels, brazed plate heat exchangers and dismantle plate heat exchangers manufactured by zilmet s. Produces over 7 million tanks and 1 million heat exchangers annually. The bladder, which is suitable for alimentary purposes, is fixed at both ends avoiding any possible contact against the inner tank surface.

They are the biggest manufacturers, and these hydro pneumatic tanks comes in all sizescapacities and pressure limits, which includes gitral blue line. Zilmet 110 ultra pro 24 litre 1 0036 potable expansion. Zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphragm expansion tanks. For detailed information, please download the following pdffiles. Zilmet tank, pressure tank, pressure diaphragm tanks. Zilmet waterpro waterpro zilmet pressure tank selangor. Water pumps wholesaler of pumps and pressure booster systems for buildings and hotels. The pressure in the tank is adjusted by means of the air valve in the closed end. Zilmet waterpro waterpro zilmet pressure tank selangor, malaysia, kuala lumpur. Zilmet uses technical cookies on its website, including those from third parties, to guarantee you the best browsing experience and to enable anonymous profiling of the use of the site itself. The tank must be constructed in accordance with most recent addendum of section viii division 1 of the asme boiler and pressure vessel code. On august 2017 zilmet pty ltd has been acquired by ebara pumps europe and has now become.

Domestic water system consists of the pump and the pressure tank which is also called booster system. When water is cold, the precharge pressure of the tank presses the diaphragm against the tank. Float ball valve shut off 14 automatic fill feed fish tank aquarium ro water. With the temperature decrease, the air cushion forces water back into the system. Our products are renowned worldwide thanks to an impressive number of manufacturing plants, branches and trustworthy distributors.

Italian made zilmet solar expansion tank specifically designed for high temperature solar vacuum tube heating applications. Zilmet ultra pro expansion vessel 50 litres horizontal. The tank is supplied already tested and certified in our factory according to the european directive 9723ec. A read and understand all the instructions in the instruction manuals before installing, servicing and performing maintenance on expansion vessels, brazed plate heat exchangers. Our dts and dtl series thermal expansion tanks are designed according to the asme code section viii div. Zilmet hydro plus pressure tank specifications aqua science. Zilmet inox stainless steel pressure expansion tanks all. Gws aspires to become a leading solutions provider for the worldwide need of accessing, processing and delivering potable, clean water to improve lives, and products are available in over 100 countries worldwide. The zilmet ultra pro model range offers a huge amount of versatility. Panks engineering water supply, water storage, pressure boosting, irrigation and rainwater harvesting in norfolk and suffolk. Zilmet vertical pressure vessel 10 bar rated capacity. Available in standard 150 psi maximum working pressure.

Expansion vessels zilmet ultra pro gemgate limited. We are major importers of pressure vessels from zilmet italy, which is no. The vessels are tried and tested according to the pressure systems directive. Hydro pneumatic tank zilmet expansion vessel manufacturer. Nowadays china is becoming more and more an international leader in the manufacturing production, in particular because of his special interest in economic programs and industrial developments. As temperature increases, the expanded water volume pushes against the membrane and water enters the tank, providing additional space to the system. We offer industrial and domestic water pumps around southern africa. Zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphragm well tanks. Zilmet pressure vessels archives water parts direct. Perfect accessory to pair with a wall hung condensing boiler welded mounting bracket and unique design allows for a quicker and less expensive installation provides a more professional look to the mechanical room great for tight installations. At automatic heating you can find these high quality tanks at competitive prices. The pump will deliver water from water source such as water tank. Fully vertically integrated, designing and manufacturing all diaphragms. Zilmet is one of the oldest and largest expansion tank manufacturer in the world.

Pressure tanks from zilmet undergo 100% factory testing procedures and are certified according to ped 9723ec. Maximum duration of the membrane is assured as the membrane itself cannot bend or rub against the plate, it is fixed above to the connection and below to the flange. Membrane pressure vessels zilmet expansion vessels. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The tank shall be fitted with lifting rings and a floor mounting skirt for vertical installation. Zilmet 500 lv ultrapro expansion tank pressure vessels designed to provide a storage facility and pressure reservoir for water at temperatures up to 99.

Submersible pumps centrifugal pumps sprinkler pumps irrigation pumps. Each tank style has models that are either asme or nonasme coded. Zilmet hydroplus potable water expansion tanks hvacquick. Zilmet is an international manufacturer of high quality expansion tanks, pressure vessels and plate heat exchangers, and a leader in the thermohydraulics field. Expansion tanks for wells we have a full line of well expansion tanks that are used anywhere from home to commercial applications. Zilmet usa 400 frenchtown road east greenwich, ri 02818 phone 401 884 4943 instructions for installation and operation of zilmet usa expansion tanks professional installation required rev. Zilmet accumulator membrane pressure vessels for water supply including free delivery in.

Zilmet lv vertical ultrapro expansion tank pressure vessels designed to provide a storage facility and pressure reservoir for water at temperatures up to 99. The zilmet 304 stainless steel expansion tanks with a food grade internal membrane, are fit for all applications near coastal areas where the presence of brackishness or harsh chemical environments that rapidly corrode all parts made of plain steel. When water will be needed again, pressure in the air side will push water into the system since the zilmet ultrapro tank does not water log and delivers all possible water, minimum pump starts are assured with saving on energy consumption and increasing the pump life scelta del vaso how to select your tank. Are you looking for tanks that are suitable for potable water. Homezilmet precise components processing nantong co.

The zilmet tanks are amongst some of the most favoured products in australia when it comes to satisfying a wide variety of installation requirements. Global water solutions ltd gws is one of the worlds largest pressure tank and water treatment product manufacturers. Zilmet expansion tanks are highly praised as the ideal choice for installations that have a wide range of different requirements. Most of wessels pressure vessels are designed using a prepressurized vessel with an internal bladder or diaphragm to manage fluids under pressure. Steel cuve with epoxy powder paint finish, epdm food quality bladder, standard acs, used for cold pressure potable water. Browse and download from our available catalog of 3d building information models bim in cad. Water booster system residential and commercial well water irrigation systems firefighting system hvac expansion tanks. The tank contains two compartments, one containing water, the other air stored under pressure. When the pump starts water enters the tank as system pressure passes the minimum pressure precharge. This allows to contain the increase of the pressure in the system. Zilmet ultrapro vertical interchangeable membrane pressure tank, max pressure 10 bar, capacity 60 l to 500 l.

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