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Of course, if mike didnt, we wouldnt have had much of a movie. It stars john cusack as a supernatural investigator who rents room 1408 at the hotel dolphin in new york. Here is a mint color copy of the entire ultimate horror movie 1408. A novel writer named mike enslin visits the dolphin hotel in search of the cursed room 1408, where over 50. The film follows mike enslin, an author who investigates allegedly haunted houses and.

Jackson gave him, he comes across a page that says, my brother was eaten by wolves on the connecticut turnpike. This rare script is industry standard with 3hole punch and brass fittings and has 1 pages pages. Despite erics tendency towards inappropriate humor, im pretty much on the same page as both my brothers in regards to 1408. Jackson king combo platter than 1408, which is a few notches further down this list. Though its far less gory than its peers, it has frightening moments and a creepy mood throughout. The film was released on june 10, 2016 to video on demand, prior to a limited release scheduled for july 8, 2016. Mike books the room, despite the warnings of the hotel manager, gerald olin samuel l. His young daughters death has left mike skeptical about the supernatural, even gods existence. Jackson and john cusack reteam for new stephen king movie. Jackson has a small supporting part as the hotel manager who tries to warn enslin of the dark history of the room, and mary mccormack has an even smaller part as enslins estranged wife. Watch for him during an especially humorous scene dealing with a small refrigerator. We catch quick glimpses of photographs of several bloodsplattered dead bodies, along with a closeup of what appears to be someones throat wound and a. Jackson did an excellent job as always playing the manager of the dolphin. Has john cusack ever been more adorably out of his mind than when hes going bonkers on a minibar in 1408.

Jackson dvd free shipping usa at the best online prices at. When a mysterious cell phone signal causes apocalyptic chaos, an artist is determined to reunite with his young son in new england. I guess theyre like travel books for people who like spooky ambiance. Jackson, wellserved by the skillful swedish director mikael hafstrom, elevates the horror feature above the routine, resulting in quite a pleasing psychological thriller. Enslin a book documenting the 56 deaths that occurred in room 1408 over the. It is directed by mikael hafstrom and stars john cusack, samuel l.

Yet, the ending audiences saw in theaters was the end result of big changes to the original conclusion. This screenplay was written by scott alexander and larry karaszewski. Jackson and isabelle fuhrman attempt to find safety as society disintegrates. However, when researching his latest work, he checks into the mysterious room 1408 at the dolphin hotel in new york, managed by samuel l jackson in an effective cameo. Cell is a significantly less successful john cusack samuel l.

You might remember her from deep impact and kpax where she also did stunning. Our boy mike takes up the challenge of checking into the notoriously haunted room 1408 in the dolphin hotel in new york city, despite being warned by the slick and oily hotel manager gerald olin samuel l. Mikael hafstroms stylish horror movie based on a stephen king. Jackson, mary mccormack advertisement stephen king often uses authors as protagonists in his books, which lets him reflect endlessly on the thin line between reality and fiction, and often between sanity and madness. What i enjoyed most about it is the way it builds suspense. Jackson pg alcohol drugs bloodgore disrespectful bad attitude. John cusack plays mike enslin, a horror writer who writes phony books about haunted places. I loved the premise of a skeptic staying at supposed haunted hotels and debunking them in his books. This is a very good film, and not just for a horrorthriller either. The cynical and skeptical writer mike enslin writes books evaluating. Jackson, mary mccormack, paul birchard, margot leicester, walter lewis, eric meyers, david nicholson. Instead, 1408 is a horror story that takes things back to basics. Psychological trauma dispensed by top notch actors like john cusack whom basically was a one man show and a brief appearance by samuel l.

Heres the creepy true story behind horror movie 1408. The hotel manager gives mike a file of pictures of people who have committed suicide or died naturally in room 1408. Jackson, tony shalhoub, mary mccormack, jasmine jessica anthony, kate walsh, mikael hfstrm. Jackson, based on a stephen king short story by the same name cusack plays horror writer mike enslin, who specializes in investigating supposedly haunted houses and other sites of supernatural activity, which he has documented previously in books like ten haunted graveyards and ten. Jackson that its too dangerous to stay there because 56 deaths have occurred in that room since the hotel opened in 1912 and no one can. Interestingly, cusack and jackson also starred in 1408, another adaptation of kings work. John cusack plays a skeptic, who writes books about the most haunted vacation spots there are. But room 1408 is a room where nobody has lasted more than an hour in it, and thus cusack considers it the perfect location for. John cusack identity plays mike enslin, a gifted writer who has turned his talents to paranormal travel books. Renowned horror novelist mike enslin believes only in what he can see with. Hilarious mary mccormack was cast as john cusacks wife, and i feel this was a smart decision.

John cusack plays mike enslin, an author specializing in demystifying haunted. Based on stephen kings bestselling novel of the same name, the cell follows the quest of a desperate new england father to locate his son following the broadcast of a mysterious signal that. An author of ghostly haunts travel books finds his skeptical resolve challenged when he checks into a reportedly haunted hotel room with a record of many deaths occurring within it. A man who specialises in debunking paranormal occurrences checks. Stephen kings bestselling novel is brought to terrifying life in this mindblowing thriller starring john cusack and samuel l. All 58 stephen king movie and tv series adaptations, ranked.

This is a reference to the stephen king short story and movie 1408 2007. Cusack, trying to escape, ducks into the airport shuttle, where he finds a handful of survivors along with the shuttle driver samuel l. Jackson as the enigmatic hotel manager gerald olin is particularly good, though i admit i was really hoping for him to say, ive had it. At any rate he goes to new york and stays in a hotel with a haunted room 1408. Jackson 1408 the pg rating given to 1408 belies this films truly terrifying effects on its audience. Mike enslin writes books evaluating supernatural phenomena in hotels, graveyards. Cell is the second film adaptation of a king story to costar cusack and jackson, after the 2007 film 1408. At the boston airport, clay cusack witnesses a scene of chaotic mayhem when an electronic signal turns hundreds of cell phone users into rabid killers. As mike enslin john cusack is walking to room 1408, reading the files gerald olin samuel l. It starred john cusack as mike enslin, a paranormal skeptic who pens books debunking supernatural occurrences.

Jackson, based on a stephen king short story by the same name cusack plays horror writer mike enslin, who specializes in investigating supposedly haunted houses and other sites of supernatural activity, which he has documented previously in books like ten haunted graveyards and ten haunted mansions. A horror films powerful and discontinued ending medium. Based on the short stephen king horror story of the same name, 1408 surrounds supernatural writer robert enslin, an author of two hit books. Jackson is scared of a room, i would certainly think twice about going inside. Jackson, mary mccormack, tony shalhoub, len cariou, isiah whitlock, jr. Literaryspeaking, 1408, is based on a secondtier stephen king text, but a gifted cast, headed by john cusack and samuel l. We are introduced to john cusack as a bored, sceptical hack on the ghost writing circuit, patently not believing in what he writes about. The film was released in the united states on june 22, 2007, although july is mentioned as the release date on the website. Being a suspense and thriller it is a great choice for adults and mature audiences. Jackson and john cusack dial up terror in trailer for. The manager sam jackson does everything he can to keep cusacks character out, but of course it doesnt work.

Jackson not to enter room 1408, mike defiantly procures the key and prepares to dispel yet another spectral sham. Jackson vhs tapes, john cusack pg rated vhs tapes, pg rated movie umds samuel l. Jackson as olin, 1408 was a critical and commercial hit, and is generally considered one of the best kingbased movies to date. After his latest book, he receives an anonymous postcard depicting the dolphin, a hotel on lexington avenue in new york city. It is said to be a most haunted room and the scene of many deaths. But then, the room itself begins to take on a life of its own, and begins tormenting mike with various ghostly apparitions, mind tricks, and even displaying his own painful past before him in various ways. Now, as is the case with many of lifes most profound epiphanies, the writer who thought he knew it all is caught entirely off guard at the precise moment he least expected it.

He receives a postcard about room 1408, and decides to check it out. Jackson and john cusack reteam for new stephen king. Zimmer 1408 ist wohl neben dem film identity einer seiner glanzrollen. Mikes latest project is a book entitled ten nights in haunted hotel rooms, and it seems that in room 1408 of the dolphin hotel, this skeptical.

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