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Here you can see a cave formed by a heavy boulder straddling a fissure in the rock. Edakkal caves in kerala timings, address, entry fee. The silent stories of the rocks of edakkal caves wayanad. Situated around 16 km from sulthan bathery, one has to trek up ambukuthi hills to reach these caves. This book is intended for exactly those, and the brief history of wayanad. Edakkal caves also edakal, are two natural caves at edakkal, around 120 km southwest of. Edakkal caves, wayanad the edakkal caves situated about 4,000 feet above sea level on the ambukuthi hillock in wayand.

The name edakkal literally means a stone in between. Edakkal caves timings, entry time, opening timings, visiting hours and time table of opening hours and closing days for 20. Jan 22, 2014 an official introduction to the 6000 year old petroglyphs of edakkal caves of sultan bathery of wayanad district of kerala, india. Edakkal caves is one of the most picturesque caves in the destination and has scintillating sights and views that will leave you in awe. Edakkal caves and the history of wayanad exotic india art. Com is dedicated to preparation of upsc civil services and state psc prelims and mains examination 2020.

Famous rockcut caves in the ambukuthi hills in the wayanad district is known as edakkal caves. These are not technically caves, but rather a cleft or rift approximately 96 feet 29 m by 22 feet 6. The edakkal caves in wayanad is one of the popular attractions of wayanad district in kerala. Items related to edakkal caves and the history of wayanad history books. The history of kerala, is as interesting and striking as its varied geographical features that adds an aweinspiring beauty and thus this place becomes a land of versatile appeal. The history of kerala, india, dates back more than several millennia. The location of the edakkal shelter is aweinspiring and bestows a mystic feel even today. Edakkal is the only place with stone age carving in south india that back to as old as 7000 years. There are many stories behind the formation of the edakkal caves. Media in category petroglyphs in the edakkal caves the following 200 files are in this category, out of 231 total. The carvings belonging to neolithic and mesolithic age include ancient stone scripts, ancient weaponry figures, symbols, figures of various animals and human beings etc.

There are many legends and tales about the formation of the caves. Edakkal caves, wayanad ticket price timings address. Kerala history prehistoric kerala the meglithic monuments include the dolmens, cists, rockcut caves, thopikallu, pulachikallu, kudakkallu etc. Jun, 2017 edakkal caves are located 1,200 m above the sea level on ambukutty mala. Edakkal is a remote location in wayanad district of kerala, india, the site of the edakkal caves. Lets explore the history and attractions of the caves. Hefty fine will be levied if you carry snack packs into the caves. It is the only evidence for the existence of true neolithic culture in kerala. The prehistoric people of kerala were belonged to the negrito race and proto australoids. Famous rockcut caves in the ambukuthi hills in the wayanad district in known as edakkal caves. Feb 27, 2017 the first to establish an historical ruling dynasty in the area, they ruled wideranging areas of tamil nadu and kerala in southeastern and southwestern india respectively, areas that had been settled since at least 5000 bc, when neolithic carvings had been left in edakkal caves.

Aug 10, 2018 each year, thousands of tourists visit the caves to checkout its natural beauty and legendary status. History of kerala project gutenberg selfpublishing. Edakkal caves and the history of wayanad, kozhikode. How quiet it is, danny said, digging in his knapsack for the canteen full of water he had brought.

The cleft is naturally formed out of disposition of three huge boulders with 96 feet length and 22 feet width possess a depth of 30 feet. Find its entry timings, address, entry fees and more here. Famous for its exquisite rock and wall carvings, the prehistoric edakkal caves are two naturally occurring alcoves located in the wayanad district of kerala. The caves measure at a massive length and width of 96 and 22 feet respectively and lie 1200 metres above the sea level. Hotels near edakkal caves, kalpetta on tripadvisor. The descent by jeff long, still life with crows by douglas preston, the clan of the cave bear by jean m. The whole ambience and look of the cave is very captivating and the place sees a lot of sightseers. The caves are situated 1,200 m 3,900 ft above sea level on ambukutty mala, on the mysore plateau, in the western ghats. Edakkal is the only known place for stone age carvings in south india. The edakkal caves are actually a cleft in a rock with another piece of rock forming a roof. A, malabar 1887 the pazhassi revolt and its tragic end 99 william logan, m c s, malabar, 1887 waynad forests 9 rhodes morgan, esq.

This book is a major contribution to the local history of kerala. Paintings of figures and symbols, which date back to 6000 bc, are carved on the walls of the edakkal caves. We now know how the edakkal caves wayanad was discovered in. Edakkal caves, wayanad edakkal caves photos and timings. O k johnys wayanad rekhakal unravels the history of wayanad and its people. Pdf a study on heritage preservation and tourism development.

To reach the caves is fairly easy but there is a small trek involved if you want to reach the cave. The best time to visit the caves is in between the months of october and february. It is believed to be an amazing 7000 years old wonder. Book your tickets online for edakkal caves, kalpetta. Edakkal travel guide edakkal in wayanad, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for its caves, find information on attractions, things to do and places to visit in edakkal. The exact year of the formation of these caves cant be figured out, but according to the inhabitants the caves are nearly 5000 years old.

Edakkal caves is a must visit for history buffs, adventure seekers and photographers. Pdf on dec 1, 2016, shyju p j and others published a study on. Pdf importance of conserving the edakkal petroglyphs, kerala. Edakkal caves in sultan bathery, wayanad kerala tourism. Oct 27, 2014 a trip to wayanad wouldnt be complete without a visit to the edakkal caves. We had to trek 4000 feet up a mountain to reach the caves. The silent stories of the rocks of edakkal caves wayanad, kerala.

Edakkal caves are one of the prime tourist places to visit in wayanad and among the best historical places to visit as part of kerala holiday packages. The history and legacy of the ancient settlement of the indus valley civilization looks at the history of the site and the archaeological work on it. The tallest mountain in the district, ambukuthi mala, is located. Edakkal hermitage is a resort that aims to call attention to the little known edakkal caves and the beauties of eastern wayanad. The important palaeolithic sites are valuvasseri nilambur and tenkara palaghat. Edakkal caves kalpetta 2020 all you need to know before. The fascinating prehistoric rock etchings found on the walls of these caves have drawn the serious attention of archeologists and historians worldwide.

Edakkal hermitage stay close to edakkal caves, wayanad. It is believed to have occurred naturally and is considered as the earliest instance of human settlement. We get an exclusive guided vr tour of this historically significant location with the. At a distance of 6 km from ambalavalayal, 14 km from sulthan bathery and 28 km from kalpetta, edakkal caves are two natural caves located on top of ambukutty mala near ambalavalayal in wayanad. You dont realize how scary it is, having a whole mountain on top of you, until youre in the dark as i was in that tunnel, or when you begin hearing the silence. Eddakal caves in wayanad eddakal caves tour guide wayanad. It was fred foset who first studied about the pictures on these caves in 1901.

Mathpal, yashodhar 1998 rock art in kerala, aryan books international. Edakkal caves route map edakkal caves, wayanad, nenmeni, kerala 673595. The resort is on a smaller parcel of land and the theme of rocks and caves is beautifully echoed here. The edakkal caves are located on the ambukuthi hills a part of the western ghats on the mysore plateau, in wayanad district of kerala. There are entertaining monkeys en route and the caves have ancient drawings scratched into the walls quite difficult to decipher without a guide but easier to see on your phone, strangely. The place is located at a distance of 260 kms from bangalore which makes it wellconnected to major parts of the country. Edakkal caves is located in the wayanad district of kerala. Degree in history as a private candidate from the university of madras with first rank in 1948. The diversity of the engravings suggest that the edakkal caves were inhabited several times at different points in history.

From 3000 bc onwards kerala had trade relations by sea with the indus valley people early inhabitants of kerala belonged to the last phase of middle stone age. Edakkal caves are located at ambukuthimala at an altitude of 4600 feet. Edakkal caves in wayanad have preserved the history and heritage of the places since times immemorial. With at least three distinct sets of petroglyphs, the earliest thought to date back over 5000 years, it is assumed that the edakkal caves had been inhabited at various stages in history. Edakkal caves timings, opening time, entry timings, visiting. What is the history of the edakkal caves in kerala. Similarly it is vital to note that the occurrence of historical inscriptions in the shelter. We now know how the edakkal caves wayanad was discovered in 1895 by fred fawcett. The lower chamber is 18 ft long, 12 ft wide and 10 ft high and the upper chamber is 96 ft long, 22 ft wide and 18 ft high. Edakkal caves edakkal caves are two natural caves cleft between rocks on a mountain called ambukuthy mala near ambalavayal town in wayanad. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about mohenjodaro like never before. From the car park near ambalavayal 12km southwest of sultanbatheri its a steep 20minute walk up a. Edakkal caves is a historic landmark and you are not supposed to touch the paintings on the cave walls.

One should earmark at the least 4 hours for exploring the edakkal caves inclusive of about two hours of trekking to and fro to the. Archaeologists and historians alike have been enthralled and confused by what they have seen here for a long time. Edakkal caves also edakal, are two natural caves at edakkal, around 120 km southwest of mysuru, in wayanad district of kerala. The caves have attracted historians and archaeologists around the world with its rich historical charm. William logans malabar manual, mackenzie manuscripts, nilgiri district. The present paper illustrates the cultural significance of edakkal by providing an.

Sreedhara menon professor alappat sreedhara menon was born on december 18, 1925 at eranakulam, india. Edakkal caves, wayanad entry fee, visit timings, things to. Even though containing a detailed description, it does not. Edakkal caves kalpetta 2020 what to know before you go. With at least three distinct sets of petroglyphs, the earliest thought to date back over 5000 years, it is assumed that the edakkal caves had been inhabited at various stages in. The stonework in the interior of the cave is estimated to be as old as 5000 bc to bc. Edakkal caves are famous for its pictorial paintings cave paintings, which are considered to be of 6000 b c. It is the greatest example of megalithic culture in kerala.

Edakkal is the only known place in india with stone age carvings, these caves are located 1200 m above the sea level on ambukutty mala. A cleft between two huge rocks provides a spectacular but narrow view of the outside world. An introduction to edakkal caves of sultans battery of wynadu. Know when is edakkal caves kalpetta closed or open and see best timings for visit. The caves are situated 1,200 m 3,900 ft above sea level on ambukutty mala, on the mysore plateau, in the western ghats the edakkal caves are believed to be camping shelters of the neolithic community the south indian neolithic culture zone.

Edakkal caves, wayanad timings, history, best time to visit. In his second visit an excavation was conducted along the walls of the cave to. Petroglyphs in the edakkal caves wikimedia commons. Not for those with dodgy knees, these caves are up many steep steps. These remote hilltop caves more accurately a small series of caverns are celebrated for the ancient collection of petroglyphs in their top chamber, thought to date back over 3000 years. Nearly 4 ft of debris from the cave was cleared from the rock shelter soon. Good to know information before going to the edakkal caves wayanad. Edakkal caves and the history of wayanad by johnny o k.

Content foreword 5 notes on the rock cravings in the edakkal cave, wynaad 9 f fawcett assisted by r c temple indian antiquary, 1901 later studies on edakkal caves 37 history of wayanad 55 c gopalan nair, wayanad,1911 waynad taluk 121 years ago 79 v chappu menon, b. Parasurama divided kerala into 64 villages and do nated them to brahmins. Make sure that you cooperate with the authorities and work together to save the environment from pollution. This is boulder country and the rooms at the resort are built around the rocks. The cave of treasures possesses an apocryphal character it is true, but the support which its contents give to the christian faith, and the light which the historical portions of it throw on early christian history, entitle. Edakkal caves wayanad, interesting things about edakkal caves. The edakkal caves are of historical and archaeological significance as it has carvings that date back to the neolithic era, the late stone age.

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